In Depth Zyppah Review

Zyppah is usually framed as one of the best snoring mouth guard solutions out there for snoring and other snore related symptoms. Overall the unit has scores of favorable reviews making is very popular.

In this review we are going to take a closer look at some of the specifics of the device and how one might come to this conclusion. Just to address the elephant in the room.

Their name Zyppah is the phrase “Happy Z” backwards. That is how they came up with a great unique meaningful name for the appliance.

Device Overview

Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)
What does Zyppah cost? $99
Where To Buy
Available on Amazon
Key Benefits
– 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
– Dentist Designed
– FDA Cleared

What is Zyppah?

Zyppah is a snoring mouthpiece that has been cleared by the FDA classified as a MAD. Mads are mandibular advancement devices. It was invented by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg after many years of research.

These anti snoring devices keep the jaw in a certain position. We will go into greater details about how this works later in the review.

The boil and bite technology is used by this device during the fitting process. It allows you to get a custom fit specifically for your mouth so its comfortable while you are sleeping at night.

The device also has the patented Snoring Eliminator “seatbelt” or tongue strap. This feature helps secure your tongue.

Does Zyppah Really Work To Stop Snoring & Sleep Apnea?

From what we gathered through our review period, this oral appliance for sleep apnea is based on sound principles for snoring prevention. It addresses 2 of the most common causes of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea and other similar disorders.

How does Zyppah Mouthpiece Work?

It will help you in 2 main ways. The first being the advancement of the lower jaw. This keeps your lower jaw forward.

When your jaw slides back it moves all of the soft skin in the back of your throat over the airway entry. As mouth breathing takes place this causes vibration. This vibration is known as snoring. This also makes it a bit harder to breath. It very crucial to keep the jaw forward.

The tongue is also a vector for snoring. The “Snoring Eliminator” feature secures your tongue so that it does not move to the back of your mouth a block your airway. No other snore devices have this unique design.

This makes is a very effective and comprehensive snore solution overall that can yield a more restful nights sleep. It definitely beats having to use a cpap machine or wear a cpap mask as you are trying to fall asleep.

That is usually what is prescribed by most sleep doctors after performing a proper sleep study. When using MADs people sometimes report back jaw soreness shortly after their first use.

In most reports these feelings go away shortly after continued use. Its also worth noting that these type of reports are normal with other dental devices.

It is a small inconvenience in order to gain restful sleep from solving a sleep disorder with a mouth piece.

Zyppah rx offers a money back guarantee there are also plenty of Zyppah coupons out there.

If you click on the visit website link above you can learn more about these offers. If you compare Zyppah vs any other oral appliance for sleep disorders, its by far the most popular based on the results it has achieved.

Dr greenburgs creation is certainly greatly received by everyone and truly does show it helps people solve their problems. He created a product that addresses the core issue.

For example, the soft palate and soft tissues at the back of your mouth near your throat soften up while you sleep and block your airway. This often times diagnosed with a sleeps study.

A sleep study is a sleep apnea test where you are monitored while you sleep. During this test they check if your tongue goes to the back of your throat.

In cases like this tongue stabilization devices are the solution. Bottom line Zyppah stops snoring because it addresses this.

Many snoring aids are not FDA cleared. This is one of those. That is different from fda approved which is where it is rigorously tested for the effectiveness in treating these disorders.

The cleared status however speak to the legitimacy of the appliance. If you are looking for a real solution to stop the snoring and sleep much better at night, this is what you should look for.

Sleep apnea is definitely something that should be treated immediately. If severe enough, it can be life threatening. If you are on the fence about the price, we recommend you strongly reconsider.

If this device works out for you, now have one less thing to worry about. You have nothing to gain but wonderful rest at night! This is a sleeping aid and one of the best hybrid oral appliances out there.